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Office Furniture

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  1. Felton Plastic Round Foldable Table (FRT 880)

    As low as MYR 98.28
  2. Felton Plastic Square Foldable Table (FST 881)

    As low as MYR 98.28
  3. Office Furniture Design

    As low as MYR 0.00
  4. Steel Mobile Pedestal 2D1F

    As low as MYR 588.00
  5. Full Height Cupboard

    As low as MYR 618.00
  6. Banquet Chair (Chrome)/Kerusi Jamuan/BQ-961

    As low as MYR 173.03
  7. Banquet Chair (Epoxy Black)/Kerusi Jamuan/BQ-962

    As low as MYR 133.71
  8. Banquet Chair (Epoxy Black)/Kerusi Jamuan/BQ-963

    As low as MYR 154.15
  9. Banquet Chair (Gold)/Kerusi Jamuan/BQ-964

    As low as MYR 193.48
  10. Highback Mesh Chair/Kerusi Mesh Tinggi/M-163H

    As low as MYR 575.00
  11. Highback Mesh Chair/Kerusi Mesh Tinggi/M-161H

    As low as MYR 429.79
  12. Highback Mesh Chair/Kerusi Mesh Tinggi/M-108H

  13. Mediumback Mesh Chair/Kerusi Mesh Belakang Sederhana/M-168M

    As low as MYR 429.79
  14. Lowback Mesh Chair/Kerusi Punggung Rendah/M-105L

    As low as MYR 212.04
  15. Lowback Mesh Chair/Kerusi Punggung Rendah/M-108L

    As low as MYR 232.32
  16. Executive Highback Chair/Kerusi Eksekutif Highback/DL-401H

    As low as MYR 250.56
  17. Low Seater Stool (Epoxy Black)/Bangku Tempat Duduk Rendah/BS-931

    As low as MYR 117.98
  18. Low Seater Stool (Chrome)/Bangku Tempat Duduk Rendah/BS-933

    As low as MYR 180.96
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20 Items of 96

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