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Faber Castell/Eraser/Pemadam/7086-30D

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• Model : 30 Dust-Free Eraser
• Size : Small
• Colour : White
• Material : Phthalate free
• Special Note :  If purchase 30 pieces above, please make payment before delivery

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Faber Castell/Eraser/Pemadam/7086-30D

An eraser, (also called a rubber) is an article of stationery that is used for removing writing of pen or pencil from paper or skin. Faber-Castell Eraser 7086-30D is used to clean and erase blacklead pencils, and it has a comfort edge that adds comfort for erasing. The dust will roll together when in use.

Product Detail:
• Model : 30 Dust-Free Eraser
• Size : Small
• Colour : White
• Material : Phthalate free
• Usage : Removing writing of blacklead pencils

• Faber-Castell DUST-Free eraser series for lead and color pencils cause less dust and do not contain harmful phthalate plasticizer.
• Phthalates have been reported to cause several undesirable effects when exposed to the human body.
• To date, phthalates are still commonly used to produce erasers around the world.
• The balanced plastic mixture guarantees soft and smear-free erasing.
• Dust rolls together
• Extra soft for effective clean erasing of blacklead pencils
• Comfort edge - Added comfort for erasing
• Comes with protective sleeve

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